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I have been very fortunate that my life has been filled with so many wonderful opportunities and memories that will stick with me forever, I was born into a Christian family and from there went to church every Sunday at Trinity Baptist and went to camp every summer at Ocean wood. I was able to form my own identity as a Christian and was given the resources to do so by so many wonderful people and places.

I entered into my teenage years and became more active in my church, singing and dancing while also having the opportunity to write and perform my own sermon. I also joined the leadership development program at Oceanwood and became an AB GIRLS. I attended many retreats as close as Holyoke and as far as Washington DC. Each time I went and returned I was changed in a way I cannot explain. I met so many wonderful girls, which became life long friends and experienced different ways to celebrate my religion while also giving back to the community and participating in different events.

My freshmen year of high school I was asked to be the events coordinator on the national leadership team. From this I ran multiple events including an acting class at Green Lake Conference Center. I was a part of a team with three other girls that became sisters to me all working towards one goal. I was now a leader to the AB GIRLS that I once was and that was a huge and honorable position.

Now at twenty- seven years old I am currently a Special Education teacher for seventh and eighth graders with severe disabilities, something I found a love for working at Camp Oceanwood. My life’s purpose to make sure that students get the education they deserve while also having a safe space and a teacher who loves them. I am engaged and a new house owner with two furry friends! My love for singing has not changed and I often will use that as my time to worship remembering all the beautiful hymns from over the years. I have learned a lot in my short twenty-seven years of life already and I am so fortunate to have been surrounded by so many wonderful women who changed me for the better. I hope to continue to grow as an educator, daughter, fiancé and child of God.


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Photos of Molly at a conference with AB Women & AB GIRLS 2009